Philip Yaffe has a degree in mathematics from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).  He also has more than 40 years of experience in journalism and marketing communication. At various points in his career, he has been a teacher of journalism, a reporter/feature writer with The Wall Street Journal, an account executive with a major international press relations agency, European marketing communication director with two major international companies, and a founding partner of a marketing communication agency in Brussels, Belgium, where he has lived since 1974. He is author of The Gettysburg Approach to Writing & Speaking like a Professional. Contact: phil.yaffe@yahoo.com or phil.yaffe@gmail.com.

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  1. Hi Mr Philip Yaffe
    I am a science teacher in a secondary school in Singapore and I chance upon your book “Science for the concerned citizen: What you don’t know CAN hurt you”. I would like to get a copy of the book but it is not even in amazon.com, let alone any other book sites. I would actually like to start a programme for parents and other stakeholders on science for the community … you know, hopefully when they see the dynamics of learning science, beyond regurgitating facts, then perhaps, children could see learning science differently.
    Appreciate it if you could let me know of how I could get hold of a copy.
    Thank you and best regards

  2. Hi Philip
    This is your long lost first cousin. I am Leo and Mildred’s daughter, Helaine Schwartz Betnun. Do not know if you would have any time but my husband , Nathan,son, Michael,daughter in law Lisa will be in Brussels for a day. We are getting in December 20th in the morning. We are spending the 20th in Brussels and leave the next day for Israel. Our grandson Jonathan will have his Bar Mitzvah.
    Hope you are well. You can email me at hbetnun@me.com. My phone number is 443-995-8295

  3. Hi Phil, this is a message from your long lost cousin Helaine Schwartz.
    On a whim I looked up your name. I had remembered that you lived in Brussels. We will be in Brussels on December 20 on our way to Israel for my grandsons bar mitzvah. We will be taking Jonathan, his father Michael, and his mother Lisa, as well as Nathan my husband. If you would like to meet with us that would be great. My cell phone is 443 995-8295. My email address is H betnun@me.com. If you have time we would love to see you.

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